Hannah teaching yoga with Sydney translating
Hannah demonstrating yoga
Hannah and teachers leading yoga
Hannah teaching
hannah yoga demo.JPG
Students waiting to use the court
Students waiting their turn to use the court
Students watching the coaching sessions
Basketball session
Line to practice triple threat + layup
Playing an old time favorite, Knockout!
Fence protecting court from livestock
Basketball action
More basketball action
Community at the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Ribbon-cutting Ceremony
Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Majiji
Ribbon-cutting ceremony
Students at the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Majiji Choir performing at the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Basketballs and equipment donation at ceremony
Holli and Hannah donating equipment
Sign before the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Sign for the court displayed at ribbon-cutting ceremony
Sign for the multi-sports basketball court
Basketball demo for ribbon-cutting ceremony
Students at Mbembeswana looking on
Mbembeswana Traditional Dance Performers
Traditional dance at Mbembeswana Primary
Choir at Mbembeswana Primary
Mbembeswana's choir performing
Yoga at Mbembeswana Primary
Basketball clinic at Mbembswana
Basketball at Mbembeswana Primary
Zimbabwe's Traditional Meal
Donated uniforms
Completed multi-sports basketball court
Multi-sports basketball court from a distance
Hannah with students
Sydney, Cosi, Hannah, and Sanda
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