The Sports Education Leadership Foundation (The S.E.L.F. Project) a 501(c)3 nonprofit, works to engage, promote, and empower others, especially girls and women, through sports, education, and leadership. The S.E.L.F. Project is dedicated to preparing and training teachers and coaches to provide positive and consistent experiences with their students and athletes through sports and physical activity. In addition to this, The S.E.L.F. Project donates sports equipment. Through these experiences an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, resiliency and leadership can be attained.


  1. Mentoring teachers and coaches on the structure of conventional lesson planning/practice planning; as well as methods and techniques of exercise/play/competition.
  2. Working with teachers and coaches to apply various methods, strategies and "Best Practices" of teaching/coaching by conducting sports clinics and workshops with the students.
  3. Of course, donating sports equipment and building sports courts and fields when applicable.