current fundraising goal-$15,000 by December 2019!

please donate today! All donations are tax-deductible!

The S.E.L.F. Project is currently raising money to install solar panels at Majiji School in rural Zimbabwe. The school has been without power for almost a year which has led to numerous setbacks.  The benefits of the solar panels are numerous. Once installed, the clean energy option will provide: lighting for classrooms for evening classes and study sessions, internet access for teachers which will allow for research and lesson development, implementation of computer lessons which have been added to the country’s curriculum, ability to use audio-visual equipment during lessons, which will provide the potential for more learning to occur from more teaching; photocopying and printing of worksheets, lessons, report cards and progress reports. Students will experience solar energy first hand and Majiji will set an example of using clean energy for other rural schools in Zimbabwe. 

You can simply make an equipment donation or a financial donation or you may specify how you would like your donation to be used. Please indicate on your donation how you would like it to be used. You may consider: 

  1. Sponsor a teacher or coach to travel abroad, to teach the necessary skills, training, methodologies, and strategies to be an effective teacher or coach. To teach is to learn.

  2. Your donation can be used to purchase sports equipment (balls, bags, pumps, shoes, cleats, jersey's, first-aid kits, coaching books, coaching boards, etc.) basketball hoops, and volleyball nets to be donated to the children, sports programs and schools in the villages we visit.

  3. Your donation can be used to purchase the supplies and labor involved in engineering and building basketball courts, volleyball courts and soccer fields abroad.

  4. Sponsor a student abroad to attend school and participate in sports. This may include the cost of school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and tuition. Costs vary depending on the country and level of school. In some instances, the cost can be as little as $.26 cents per day, which in many Asian and African countries is the cost of a pound of rice, which is equivalent to a child working instead of attending school.

  5. Your donation can be used for the expenses it takes to operate local service projects like the "Practice, Play, Pass It On" basketball clinic, sports equipment donation drives, soccer clinics, basketball and soccer tournaments, and feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving morning.

  6. Your donation can be used for general operating expenses i.e. office supplies, accounting, internet, postage,etc.

Your donations make a world of difference to youth locally and abroad. Give what you can. Every dollar counts. Thank you for your contribution and for making the world a better place. Our appreciation is unbounded. ALL financial donations are tax-deductible.

Please donate today!

Mail checks or money orders to:

The S.E.L.F. Project or The Sports Education Leadership Foundation

P.O. BOX 1496